Only a French Corporation established on the French side of St Martin and properly licensed by the French Authorities with the corresponding bonds, can manage, rent and sale properties on French St Martin. Carimo fully complies with all the above !

Are you looking for income property to own?

Well, you came to the right place. Carimo can show you how to make a luxury villa pay for itself. For example, Carimo can advise you on how to renovate and furnish an existing villa to meet the higher standards set in the villa rental industry. We can also work with an architect to design and build a new villa that meets the requirements for a deluxe, a luxurious or a high-end rental villa. Moreover, we can show you how our Property Management Program can not only keep your villa in top condition, but how it will be used to advertise and promote your villa to achieve maximum occupancy and income.


As they say, the three most important things to consider in buying real estate are LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION. In the case of Terres Basses, it is one of the most desirable places in the Caribbean for a luxury villa. The natural beauty of the hills, blue Caribbean, white sand beaches and lagoon make Terres Basses a very special place. To preserve and protect it from over development and environmental damage, deed restrictions prohibit any further subdivision of the lots. With a limited supply of land, property values are expected to rise even more than in the past. The deed restrictions also preserve the character of Terres-Basses .


St. Martin is an Overseas Department of France, similar to Hawaii and Alaska which have statehood but are apart from the 48 contiguous United States. This means that all real estate sales in St. Martin are governed by French law. As such, all real estate closings are handled by a licensed and bonded Notaire. He handles all the legal paperwork to assure the buyer that the property is transferred free and clear of any liens or encumbrances. Although it is not mandatory, many buyers also hire their own attorney to represent them at the closing. Since all legal paperwork is in French, the services of a translator may also be employed.

Foreign investment in real estate in St. Martin is not only legal, but it is encouraged. In fact, a large number of luxury villas under Carimo's Property Management Program are owned by Foreigners.


Saint Martin Villa Rentals

St Martin villa rentals are some of the finest Villa rentals available in the Caribbean, offering a unique Villa experience unparalleled on neighboring islands. This stylish French Island paradise isn't known just for its exclusive selection of St. Martin villas: A diverse culture - the island is French on one side and Dutch on the other. Carimo is the premiere Real Estate Company on the island of St Martin. In their quest for superior service, Carimo offers Luxury villas as well as affordable villas in St Martin. Looking for an alternative to a Hotel try Carimo for the name in luxury and service. For adventuresome guests of St. Martin villa rentals, the island is also home to a wide variety of activities like scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and windsurfing.